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When you have temperature-sensitive foods to deliver, who do you turn to? Green Rabbit. Six of the 10 largest retailers in the U.S. and four of the 10 largest global food and beverage manufacturers use Green Rabbit as their trusted cold chain logistics provider. These retailers and manufacturers rely on Green Rabbit, and you can too.

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Direct-to-Consumer Cold Chain Management Solutions

Today’s online shoppers demand more from brands and retailers than ever before. When it comes to ordering food online, consumers expect their perishables and other temperature-sensitive items to arrive in perfect condition.…, you need a reliable cold storage logistics company that can keep frozen and perishable food items fresh and safe throughout the supply chain. Green Rabbit makes this task simple by powering comprehensive direct-to-consumer fulfillment

Why Green Rabbit?

Experience and knowledge matter when it comes to third-party cold chain services. Not every food logistics company can provide the best results for your customers with these kinds of foods. It takes a unique combination of know-how, facilities, equipment and personnel to make it possible, and we have them all.

Put your trust in Green Rabbit as your cold chain storage logistics company. By doing so, you’ll take the burden of handling these challenging logistics off your plate, giving you and your team the freedom to concentrate on doing what you do best. Among the many advantages we bring to your operations are:

Customers Love Green Rabbit

“It arrived in a box with cooling packs, which is awesome because the temperature was 90 degrees that day. I used these as gifts, and they were well-received and appreciated!!”


“Packaged wonderfully, in 90 to 100-degree temp and my chocolate was not melted”


“This company really knows how to ship their products!! Thanks! I live in a hot city and it didn’t come melted because of how they packaged it”


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