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Cold Chain Solutions

Green Rabbit’s cold chain logistics solutions use innovative technology to optimize direct-to-consumer fulfillment for frozen and fresh products. When you partner with Green Rabbit, you can rest assured that we will provide cold chain management solutions.

Our proprietary cold chain technology, process, and network can deliver many benefits, including:

  • Efficient, effective application of thermal material to ensure product arrives at temp, without waste.
  • Full traceability throughout the supply chain, from delivery and lot codes, to carrier tracking and delivery confirmation.
  • Robust inventory tracking and data visualization tools (Customer Reporting Matrix) to support the business needs of every partner. Fully interactive and customizable to your reporting needs.
  • Plug-ins to the largest retailers across the country. Offering access to a network of retailers and marketplaces, Green Rabbit is more than a traditional 3PL.

Automating the entire distribution, fulfillment and delivery process

Green Rabbit’s proprietary cold-chain technology manages the entire supply chain process, giving businesses real-time visibility into each order and ensuring perishables and frozen goods are delivered fresh, fast and economically AWESOME!

eCommerce Integrations

Green Rabbit

Our cloud-based technology easily integrates with existing order and warehouse management systems. Partners can also connect to the Green Rabbit Customer Reporting Matrix

Real-Time Product Visibility

Green Rabbit

See the fulfillment and delivery status of every order to ensure products are delivered fast and fresh.

White Label Brand Experience

Increase brand loyalty by creating custom packaging, labeling, inserts, and so much more to truly differentiate your brand.

Reporting and Analytics

Green Rabbit

On-demand access to reports and analytics–including Ad Hoc, promotional, distribution, KPI and sales reporting

The Industry Leaders in Food Safety

Green Rabbit applies the latest scientific techniques to ensure frozen foods and temperature-sensitive items are shipped and delivered fresh.

Thermal Testing Labs

Our proprietary sustainable shipping approach ensures that temperature-sensitive products stay cool – while protecting the environment.

SQF Level 3 Certification

We enforce the highest food safety compliance measures in the industry on every shipment and across all of our warehouses.

Advanced Temperature and Humidity Control

Green Rabbit’s warehouses are set at optimal temperatures to store and manage frozen and refrigerated foods.

First Expiration First Out

Our proprietary algorithms optimize inventory rotation and shipments to ensure every item is safe to deliver to customers.

Sustainable Packaging

Good packaging is critical to keeping food items and perishables fresh, but it shouldn’t stop there.  Plastic waste is one of the biggest environmental problems that the world faces today.  Green Rabbit is committed to ensuring that every shipment gets you your food fast – while minimizing our impact on the environment.

The Green Rabbit Difference

Green Rabbit is pioneering the transition to packaging that is 100% curbside recyclable, without compromising thermal performance.

Fully Recyclable

Green Rabbit’s packaging is fully curbside recyclable. All the contents from the exterior of the box to the thermal liners, and gel pack’s film can be recycled. Our sustainable cold chain packaging not only ensures we can deliver fresh stuff fast, but also keeps waste out of landfills.

Sustainable Shipping

Green Rabbit is committed to a more sustainable future. We offer a number of environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional Styrofoam. Gel packs are drain-safe and recyclable!

Thermal Performance

Green Rabbit leverages thermal chamber testing to truly understand each item’s performance in a variety of shipping scenarios. This allows us to tailor each item, each order, to the exact specifications that will ensure product arrives fresh.

What is Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is 100% curb side recyclable. The product is made from recycled plastic bottles.

What is EOS?

EOS is a packaging thermal liner that is fully curbside recyclable. EOS is mainly composed of 100% post-industrial /pre-consumer recycled paper fibers. This material plays a huge role in reducing environmental waste and promoting sustainability while ensuring temperature-sensitive products stay cool.

Green Rabbit’s Gel Packs

Our Gel Packs are 100% non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It is engineered for long-lasting temperature protection and durability. Our Gel Packs are also reusable!

Recycling Gel Packs Method 1

You can dispose down the drain (our gel pack is drain safe)

1. Cut open the top of the gel pack.
2. Discard the liquid down the drain (please make sure the water is running during this process).
3. Recycle gel pack film/plastic (curb side recyclable).

Thank you!

Recycling Gel Packs Method 2

You can discard gel in trash container.

1. Cut open the top of the gel pack.
2. Discard the liquid in the trash can (they are non-toxic).
3. Recycle gel pack film/plastic (curb side recyclable).

Thank you!

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