Sustainable Cold Chain Packaging

Good packaging is critical to keeping food items and perishables fresh, but it shouldn’t stop there. Plastic waste is one of the biggest environmental problems that the world faces today. Green Rabbit is committed to ensuring that every shipment arrives fast – while minimizing the impact on our environment

The Green Rabbit Difference

Green Rabbit is pioneering the transition to packaging that is 100% fully curbside recyclable.

Fully Recyclable

Green Rabbit’s packaging is fully curbside recyclable. All the contents from the exterior of the box to the thermal liners, and gel pack’s film can be recycled. Our sustainable cold chain packaging not only ensures we can deliver fresh stuff fast, but also keeps waste out of landfills.

Sustainable Shipping

Our proprietary sustainable shipping approach ensures that temperature-sensitive products stay cool – while protecting the environment. These sustainable food packaging solutions are a major part of the reason why so many companies trust us to handle their perishable fulfillment.

Thermal Performance

Green Rabbit uses packaging that maintains thermal performance and reliability with none of the harmful environmental effects. The environmentally friendly food packaging we utilize is highly effective at protecting the freshness of products even without the use of traditional insulation or cold-pack materials.

What Is Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)?

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is 100% curb side recyclable. The product is made from recycled plastic bottles. We are proud to make use of this eco-friendly material in our sustainable frozen food packaging because of the many benefits it provides for our customers as well as the environment.

What is EOS?

EOS is a packaging thermal liner that is fully curbside recyclable. EOS is mainly composed of 100% post-industrial /pre-consumer recycled paper fibers. This material plays a huge role in reducing environmental waste and promoting sustainability while ensuring temperature-sensitive products stay cool.

Green Rabbit’s Gel Packs

Our Gel Packs are 100% non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It is engineered for long-lasting temperature protection and durability. Our Gel Packs are also reusable!

Recycling Gel Packs Method 1

You can dispose down the drain (our gel pack is drain safe)

1. Cut open the top of the gel pack.
2. Discard the liquid down the drain (please make sure the water is running during this process).
3. Recycle gel pack film/plastic (curb side recyclable).

Thank you!

Recycling Gel Packs Method 2

You can discard gel in trash container.

1. Cut open the top of the gel pack.
2. Discard the liquid in the trash can (they are non-toxic).
3. Recycle gel pack film/plastic (curb side recyclable).

Thank you!

A Greener Image

The use of our recyclable frozen food packaging means our partners can show consumers they are committed to a greener world. As more shoppers look for ways to lessen their impact on the environment, this can be a powerful differentiator.

Fulfilling Promises

As many companies seek to live up to the ESG initiatives they have established, we provide them with one simple method for fulfilling them. With the help of our sustainable packaging for frozen foods, they can come that much closer to accomplishing the goals they set for themselves.

Supporting Green Vendors

Part of a commitment to helping the environment is choosing partners that share your goal. Working with us means manufacturers and distributors are doing their part to support a company whose objectives align with theirs in that regard.

Why Choose Green Rabbit?

Although our fully recyclable packaging is one of the most important reasons to choose us as your eco-friendly fulfillment partner, it is far from the only one.

SQF Level 3 Certification

We adhere to the highest food safety compliance measures in the industry. SQR Level 3 certification means that we have a “Comprehensive Food Safety and Quality Management System.” We have not only embraced fundamental food safety controls but have also conducted hazard analysis; risk assessment and implementation; and taken measure to prevent poor food quality or contamination as required by food safety regulations. An SQF Level 3 certification is the highest a facility can achieve: We focus on food safety as well as food quality.

Expansive Distribution Network

Green Rabbit’s direct-to-consumer fresh and frozen order fulfillment team works with more than 150 eCommerce brands and ships millions of orders each year. We have three fulfillment centers (located in Visalia, California, Indianapolis, Indiana, and Braintree, Massachusetts). Our widespread locations enable us to reach 95% of the U.S. population in two days or fewer, and 45% of the population in just one day, through the ground network.


More than 25 of the country’s top retailers use Green Rabbit for temperature-controlled fulfillment. Brands can take advantage of our wide reach to launch new products where consumers are sure to see them.