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Distribution, Fulfillment and Personalization

eCommerce Distribution – From Manufacturers to Marketplaces

We’re purpose-built to serve the eCommerce industry. Green Rabbit is trusted by vendors large and small to distribute their groceries, frozen and perishable items to retailers and marketplaces across the U.S.

Broadest Distribution Network

We ship millions of orders per year for more than 5,000 items across 150 brands

Trusted by Industry Leaders

We sell products on the sites of more than 25 of the top retailers in the U.S. Launch new products across our broad partner network

Fine-Grained SKU Management

We create and manage products and content in partner databases at the SKU level

Customizable Promotions and Packs

Full array of customization services to help promote new product lines or include special inserts with each shipment

Food Safety and Temperature Assurance

We’re the experts in distributing and fulfilling frozen and heat-sensitive items. Ensure every item is stored, picked, packed and shipped safely

Fast Delivery

We guarantee nationwide delivery of all items within 1-2 days

The Leader in Heat-Sensitive and Frozen Product Fulfillment

Purpose-built for the eCommerce industry, more than 25 of the top US retailers rely on Green Rabbit for the online fulfillment of their perishable goods and grocery

Food Temperature and Quality Protection

Every product is stored and shipped at optimum temperatures to maintain the highest levels of food safety and quality. The only company able to ensure frozen foods are stored and shipped safely

Pick, Pack and Ship Services

Our proprietary cold chain technology ensures that every order has the right item, in the right packaging, shipped to the right customer–with full traceability from start to finish

Access to Leading Brands

We provide full integration with the top retailers in the U.S. and are the #1 fulfillment partner for online chocolate

Value-Added Services

We provide a broad array of customization and personalization services to help you maximize your eCommerce food strategies

Bundling, Kitting and Gifting

Create new products with items from across your brand to meet consumer tastes and demands. Create assortments across flavors and mixing pack types. Available in small or large runs

Insertions and Coupons

Boost sales and connect with customers by inserting promotional materials, gift cards and coupons in your product boxes

Personalization on Demand

Our custom printing capabilities let customers truly interact with your brand by creating custom packaging, and personalized messages and labels on each product

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