Perishable Fulfillment

When consumers order fresh and frozen products from a brand or retailer eCommerce site, they’re putting their faith in the processes behind the scenes. Fortunately for brands and retailers, Green Rabbit has the cold chain fulfillment expertise to ensure consumers get fresh stuff fast.

Expansive Distribution Network

Green Rabbit’s direct-to-consumer fresh and frozen order fulfillment team works with more than 150 eCommerce brands and ships millions of orders each year. We have three fulfillment centers (located in Visalia, California, Indianapolis, Indiana, and Braintree, Massachusetts). Our widespread locations enable us to reach 95% of the U.S. population in two days or fewer, and 45% of the population in just one day, through the ground network.

Detailed Inventory Management

Green Rabbit’s Customer Reporting Matrix offers on-demand inventory reporting. Brands and retailers can see unit-level inventory, identified by lot, filtered by location, at a moment’s notice.

Food Safety Expertise

When you partner with Green Rabbit, you can be certain every item will be stored, packed, handled and shipped safely. All of our facilities are SQF Level 3 certified. Thus, we maintain the highest levels of food safety practices. We are audited annually, and our food safety team works closely to ensure that best practices are maintained year-round. We also thermal chamber test each item prior to launch to understand how it will perform during shipment.


More than 25 of the country’s top retailers use Green Rabbit for temperature-controlled fulfillment. Brands can take advantage of our wide reach to launch new products where consumers are sure to see them.

Fast Delivery

Leveraging our national footprint, we reach 95% of the US population in two days or less on the ground network, and 45% of the US population in one day!

Step 1:

Discuss needs, scope, and timeline to understand exactly what we need to do to deliver and exceed expectations.

Step 2:

Integrate, automate, and test, ensuring orders flow as intended from beginning to end.

Step 3:

Consumers shop and order with confidence.

Step 4:

Green Rabbit pulls orders, picks, packs, and ships fast and efficiently.

Full Traceability

Green Rabbit tracks inventory in a number of ways, including by lot. This ensures full traceability throughout the cold-chain.

Complete Integration

Our IT team works hard to find the optimal integration method. This ensures a seamless, reliable, efficient process flow and eliminate the need for manual, complicated systems.

Customer Satisfaction

Consumers receive their order fast, and as expected. No melting, no waste.


We offer eco-friendly packaging, without sacrificing thermal performance or reliability.

SQF Level 3 Certification

We adhere to the highest food safety compliance measures in the industry. SQR Level 3 certification means that we have a “Comprehensive Food Safety and Quality Management System.” We have not only embraced fundamental food safety controls, but have also conducted hazard analysis; risk assessment and implementation; and taken measure to prevent poor food quality or contamination as required by food safety regulations. An SQF Level 3 certification is the highest a facility can achieve: We focus on food safety as well as food quality.

Optimized Inventory

Our proprietary algorithms ensure that all items are delivered safely to your customers. By using Green Rabbit’s proprietary Customer Reporting Matrix, brands and retailers can efficiently monitor and replenish as needed, by location.