Cold Chain Monitoring And Analytics

Keeping a watchful eye on cold chain shipments is vitally important. When you know where orders are and how quickly they move, you can help prevent spoilage and deliver better overall service to your customers. That’s why one of Green Rabbit’s most powerful differentiators is our level of cold chain monitoring and analytics. When you integrate our proprietary cold chain management system into your logistics, you gain comprehensive information and real-time visibility that give you a wealth of benefits.

See Your Shipments Like Never Before

Our cold chain monitoring software gives you an accurate picture of where your items are at all times.

Dive Deep into Data

Now you can measure the effectiveness of your drivers and make adjustments as needed.

Plan Better Routes

Optimize every route to save money on fuel and keep perishable items fresh.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Show shoppers where their orders are with pinpoint accuracy so that they won’t have to worry about their items.

Up-to-the-Minute Analysis

With ad hoc analysis as part of our cold chain logistics monitoring system, you can get the latest data in a matter of moments.

Find Relevant Details Fast

Pick and choose the metrics you need to make an informed decision quickly and without waiting for a scheduled report.

Free Your Analysts

Stop wasting your analysts’ time with constant one-off requests for information. Our platform gives everyone access to the details they need.

Resolve Questions on the Spot

With our system, you can get up-to-date data anytime, answer queries almost as soon as you receive them, eliminate bottlenecks and speed up the decision-making process.

Enhance Your Promotional Efforts

With the help of our cold chain monitoring tools, you can tell which promotion strategies are working and which should be retired.

Faster Results

See almost immediately how well your tactics are working with potential consumers, so you can adjust on the fly.

Drive Higher Sales

Weed out the elements of your promotions that aren’t working and focus on the ones that resonate with your intended audience.

Bring Everyone on Board

Make sure retailers are sticking with the plan and verify their compliance with rapid proof of performance.

Make Distribution Work for You

Keep tabs on how well your distribution is working for you with the help of our cold chain shipping validation solutions and other analytics.

Streamline Your Processes

With detailed information about stock turns, inventory-to-purchase ratios and more, you can identify inefficiencies faster and with greater accuracy.

Understand Your Customers

Create detailed profiles of your customers and see how well you’re meeting their needs.

Keep Stock Moving

Perishable items can’t sit in storage for long. Our tools let you see how long products are sitting and help you identify improvements to your supply chain to keep them moving.


Measuring your business’ key performance indicators (KPI) involves juggling a lot of figures. Our system makes it easier to examine and use them to make the right choices.

Sharing the Wealth

Quickly and effortlessly export your findings to share with your partners and team members.

All in One Place

With a simplified dashboard, you can identify trends and watch for pain points with ease.

Contrast and Compare

Effortlessly understand the relationships among crucial metrics without confusion.

Measuring Sales Activity

Our cold chain tracking and analysis software also gives you insights into your sales.

Seamless Integration

Our solution can fit easily into your existing setup, making your sales team more efficient and effective.

Find Every Opportunity

Analyzing your sales enables you to call out opportunities for cross-sales and other untapped potential.

Spot Your Sales Stars

Knowing who your top performers are is essential for making the most of your team’s capabilities.

Why Work With Green Rabbit?

As leaders in cold chain fulfillment, we bring you a host of benefits. Beyond our cold chain monitoring and analytics, we also provide: • Enhanced safety: Along with the efficiency our automated systems, our SQF Level 3 certification demonstrates our commitment to taking food safety very seriously. • Sustainability: We’re dedicated to using recyclable and biodegradable materials for all our packaging, ensuring that we have as little negative impact on the environment as possible.